Why do we keep going back to Haramara? Just ask yourself! It seems it's mostly about one another: meeting new people, opening to new friendships, exploring on and off the mat in keeping with whatever intentions bring you to this magical place.

Every year it gets better. Those entirely new to the experince arrive into the welcoming energies of those who've been here before. And every year our host Sajeela de la Borbolla and her staff offer somethng new, something better, some new refinement, from more comfy casitas to more delightful food to more spa services to the inifiniti pool to more and more that supports us in doing yoga, relaxing, and having a great time!

Come again and immerse yourself in a week-long yoga retreat at Haramara Resort! Surrounded by lush jungle just 30 miles north of Puerto Vallarta International Airport on Mexico's Central Pacific Coast, Haramara's setting, design and vibe are perfect for letting go and opening to the best new year of your life. Located just outside the picturesque town of Sayulita, Mexico, its tranquil beaches, energizing surf and magnificent sunset are ideal setting for renewal and transformation. Our daily schedule offers sunrise meditation and pranayama (or sleep in!), three yoga classes (Vinyasa Flow and Gentle Yoga, and evening Relax Deeeply), and an array of both on-site and off-site activities and excursions.


Yoga Practice: Daily classes and workshops are designed for new and beginning to advanced students and teachers. With the support of Mark and his assistants, classes are taught to accommodate different levels of ability and interest. Morning classes start with Sun Salutations and standing poses to warm, awaken, strengthen and open the body, then flow into backbends, core refinement, twists, hip openers, forward bends, and inversions. Arm balances are sprinkled into the classes for anyone interested. All aspects of the yoga practice can be further explored in mid-day workshops on focused topics. All classes emphasize proper alignment, energetic actions, use of props, and modifications to make the practice accessible, while also offering plenty of space for more advanced exploration of asanas. Morning classes are by design more energizing while afternoonclasses are pretty purely relaxing and restorative – the perfect complement to an afternoon of napping, surfing, or playing at the beach or in the jungle.


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Accommodations: Spacious casitas are sprinkled along the paths leading from the Yoga Pavillion down to the beach. We offer a variety of accommodations: single, double, triple, quadruple and group (8) occupancy casitas. Private bathrooms, hot open air showers, comfortable beds, awe-inspiring panoramic views, candles and gas lanterns make the casitas as charming and serene as can be.

Food & Dining: The food at Haramara is amazing. Local and international chefs prepare exquisite meals using local organic produce and seafood caught fresh daily. If you are vegan or have other special food interests, the kitchen staff will happily prepare your meals accordingly. The food is all organic, clean, healthy, delicious and beautifully presented. The dining pavillion is a beautiful ridge-top cabana overlooking the jungle and sea. Sharing food and conversation is one of the great highlights of any Haramara retreat.

Getting to Haramara: Haramara is located about 45 minutes from Puerto Vallarta International Airport and about a mile outside the quaint seaside town of Sayulita. After booking your flight into P.V., give us your flight itinerary so we can arrange your local shuttle to take you directly from the airport arrival area to Haramara. There is no need for a car unless you want to explore the larger region of Nayarit. When you arrive at the airport, you will be meet your shuttle driver in a designated place in the Arrivals area.

Registration Fees & Policies:  $1425 per person in women's group casita (8 guests), $1625 per person in a quadruple occupancy casita, $1725 per person in a triple occupancy casita, $1995 per person in a double occupancy casita, $3395 per person in a single occupancy casita. 

Fee includes: Lodging for 8 days and 7 nights, all meals, taxes, all yoga and yoga-related activities. Not included: airfare, gratuities, airport shuttle, spa services and private excursions.

Space is limited; you can reserve space now for $500 per personNOTE: This retreat sells out every year (since 2006). Casitas are available on a first-come, first-served reservations basis. Please feel free to call for more information (Mark's cell #): 831-331-3955.

Fees per person for additional nights (if you plan to arrive early or stay after the retreat and only if space is available): Group $155; Quad $175; Triple $195; Double $225; Single $355.

Refund PolicyIf you cancel before October 15, 2019, we will refund all but $250 of your deposit. If you must cancel after October 15 but before December 21 and we cannot fill your spot, no monies are refunded due to our contract with Haramara, and you will receive credit for going to Haramara at a future date (minus the $500 deposit). If you must cancel after October 15 but before December 15 and we can fill your spot, we will refund all but $250 of your deposit due to our contract with Haramara. There are no refunds or credits given after December 15 due to our contract with Haramara.


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