A Guide on the Yoga Path

By Mark Stephens on Tue, 05/03/2016 - 07:32

Part of the sublime nature of yoga is that there are infinite possibilities for deepening and refining one’s practice. In playing the edges of effort and ease, exploring balance between surrender and control, and opening to self-understanding and self-transformation, there is no end to how far one can go along the path of awakening to clearer awareness, more integrated well-being, and greater happiness. There are also seemingly infinite styles and approaches to yoga, even different ideas about what yoga is, offering a rich array of practices that any of the seven billion of us sharing this planet might at any given time find most in keeping with whatever brings us to explore this ancient ritual for living in the most healthy and awakened way. It’s a fascinating, challenging, often mysterious path that ultimately reveals the deepest beauty inherent in each of us as we gradually come to discover the balances that most complement and support our diverse values and intentions in life. If along the path one becomes a teacher—a guide on the yoga path—then the practice itself blossoms even more as practicing and guiding each bring light to the other.