Sweet Little Booklet + 101 Resource-Rich Cards

Yoga Sequencing card deck box cover
The Yoga Sequencing Deck

Cards: 100

Booklet: 96 pages

Publisher: North Atlantic Books, 2016

ISBN-10: 1623170613

ISBN-13: 978-1623170615

Dimensions: 4.6 x 2.2 x 6.6 inches


Based on Yoga Sequencing, this deck is the perfect companion or standalone for creative yoga students and teachers.
The Mark Stephens Yoga Sequencing Deck empowers yoga students and teachers to be their creative best in designing yoga classes. With a 92-page booklet covering the principles of sequencing yoga classes and providing clear guidance on arranging postures in the most effective ways, the deck includes 100 yoga flash cards color-coded by pose family (Standing, Core, Arm Support, Back Bends, Seated Twists, Forward Bends & Hip Openers, Inversions, and Savasana). The cards feature clear color photos of postures with the corresponding English and Sanskrit names on side one and detailed information on how to put postures together in sequences that work for unique students and special class intentions on side two. The perfect companion to Yoga Sequencing or for use on its own, this deck is a hands-on way for readers to gain knowledge and skills for planning and designing yoga classes.
The booklet and cards come packaged in a box approximately 4 inches wide, 6 inches tall, and 2 inches thick—perfect for easy storage and travel. 

Sequencing deck picture

PRAISE FOR The Yoga Sequencing Deck

Leslie Kaminoff YS

Leslie Kaminoff photo

"A comprehensive, timely and much-needed work on the important art of sequencing.  Mark's well-researched and systematically laid-out book is certain to become an instant classic and a reliable resource for all teachers of yoga asana, both beginning and experienced.  It is essential reading for any teacher training program that wishes to be considered state-of-the art."

– Leslie Kaminoff, yoga teacher, co-author, Yoga Anatomy

Shiva Rea YS

Shiva Rea picture

Yoga Sequencing is a great service to the yoga community as it covers the power of sequencing that all teachers can benefit from as intelligent sequencing is the embodiment of the elegant design and unfolding of nature which Mark understands and loves.

– Shiva Rea, Founder, Prana Vinyasa Yoga

Joel Kramer YS

Joel Kramer photo

Yoga Sequencing addresses fundamental questions that yoga teachers face in designing classes. While making clear that the ultimate source of guidance comes from one’s own yoga experience, Stephens untangles the inter-relations of yoga postures and provides insightful mapping principles for linking them into effective classes. This unique, practical book empowers yoga teachers to be their best in working with a diverse array of students.

– Joel Kramer, co–author with Diana Alstad, The Guru Papers

Ganga White YS

Ganga White photo

Jai Ho Mark Stephens! Mark has made another enormous contribution to the field of yoga teaching.  This book is a deep well that will nourish aspiring as well as seasoned yoga teachers and students.  It provides a wealth of practical techniques and invaluable insights, filling a vast gap in the yoga literature.  I highly recommend using it as a resource.

– Ganga White, co-director, White Lotus Foundation and author, Yoga Beyond Belief



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