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Yoga for Better Sleep
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Although modern science has unraveled some of the mysteries of our sleeping, dreaming, and waking states and age-old yoga practices are helping us enjoy better sleep, clearer minds, and healthier bodies, over 65 percent of U.S. adults are still sleep deprived. Sleep deprivation causes and aggravates ailments like stress, heart conditions, high blood pressure, obesity, and depression. Master yoga teacher, trainer, and best-selling author Mark Stephens provides easy-to-do, effective yoga activities—including postural sequences, breathing exercises, and meditation practices—for better sleep, no matter your age. He integrates the ancient wisdom of yoga with the insights of modern neuroscience and psychology to offer practical age- and condition-specific tools and sequences for improving sleep naturally and without drugs.

Reviewer's Comments

Yoga for Better Sleep offers a beacon of hope to our exhausted modern world.”

Elena Brower, best-selling author of Practice You: A Journal

Yoga for Better Sleep is a wonderful guide for anyone, not just those suffering sleep issues or teachers helping students. Beyond the fascinating, current science of sleep, it delves into therapies for sleepers of all ages and backgrounds, from babies to seniors, offering in depth yoga prescriptions as well as valuable lifestyle changes. Its breadth is wonderful and its depth is considerable. This is not a surprise considering Mark Stephens’ pedigree and past writings.

Bernie Clark, author, Yin Yoga and Your Body, Your Yoga

With an in-depth presentation of the nature of sleep, Stephens orients the avid reader to what lies behind getting, or not getting, a good night's sleep, offering yoga practices – including yoga nidra – that are an exquisite means of self-enquiry and awakening. I hope this book find its way into the hands of many.

Richard Miller, author, Yoga Nidra, co-founder, International Association of Yoga Therapists

The universal necessity of sleep is well-met by the universal appeal of this well-informed, bold and resourceful book, bringing ancient wisdom and practice to bear on contemporary anxiety. Insomnia touches the lives of over 250,000,000 Americans; a drugless, easily used, virtually costless remedy without hangover isn’t such a bad idea.

Loren Fishman, M.D., author, Yoga for Arthritis and Yoga for Osteoporosis

Finally, an in-depth yogic approach to insomnia that integrates yoga and science! Mark Stephens distills the essential insights of neuroscience, psychology, and the yoga tradition to better understand the nature of sleep and how to improve sleep using yoga rather than pharmaceutical drugs and narrow behaviorist techniques. With chapters on yoga for specific conditions – including stress, anxiety, depression, and different ages – this book offers an invaluable resource for anyone interested in better sleep and a healthier life.

Diana Alstad, co-author (with Joel Kramer), The Passionate Mind Revisited