Timothy McCall

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Yoga therapy is a big field, encompassing the entirety of yoga and its many practices along with aspects of Western medicine, Ayurveda, physiology, physical therapy, kinesiology, psychology, philosophy, spiritual development and more. No single volume can do it full justice, but Mark Stephens has done a yeoman's job to assemble much of the background information aspiring yoga therapists will need to understand. This book is smart, thoughtful and well-researched and doesn't shy away from presenting a strong ­— and sometimes provocative — point of view. I recommended it highly.

– Timothy McCall, MD, author, Yoga As Medicine, co-editor, The Principles and Practice of Yoga in Health Care, Medical Editor, Yoga Journal

Janice Gates YT

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A deep bow to Mark Stephens for this substantial contribution to the growing field of yoga therapy! Thoroughly grounded in yoga's historical and philosophical foundations, this book balances well-researched, practical information with heart-felt wisdom. From the insightful section on Healing and Curing to the practical applications of yoga therapy for a wide range of conditions, Mark skillfully conveys the truly integrative nature of yoga therapy. An essential resource for yoga therapists, clinicians and educators in the field!

– Janice Gates, past president, International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT), author of Yogini: The Power of Women in Yoga

Ganga White YA

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Another monumental and much needed work to guide yoga teachers in making safe and effective hands on adjustments with their students.  Once again Mark Stephens moves the bar and accelerates the evolutionary path of modern yoga.  This book is an invaluable reference for today's and future teachers.

– Ganga White, founder and co-director, White Lotus Foundation, author, Yoga Beyond Belief: Insights to Awaken and Deepen Your Practice

Shiva Rea YA

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I love that Mark Stephens has covered not just the bio-mechanics of hands-on assists and the spectrum from technical support to subtle energetic direction but also the internal dynamics and ethics that the power of touch brings up in people of all walks of life. Mark offers practical insights, including the many dimensions of respecting a person’s process, injuries and tweaks and the important boundaries that are necessary for entering this territory that is often like being a “midwife of the embodied experience.” Mark brings understanding to the somatic power of touch and the role of hands-on assists in the unfolding of yoga…this is a book that will surely be serving teachers for a long time.

– Shiva Rea, founder, Prana Flow®–Energetic Vinyasa, author, Tending the Heart Fire

Leslie Kaminoff YA

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Mark Stephens has done our community a wonderful service with his newest work, Yoga Adjustments.  Along with Teaching Yoga and Yoga Sequencing, Mark has created a trilogy of essential works for every yoga teacher who strives to be more sensitive, safe and effective in their teaching.

– Leslie Kaminoff, founder, The Breathing Project, NYC, co-author, Yoga Anatomy

Richard Freeman YA

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Mark Stephens’ Yoga Adjustments is an important contribution to the ongoing evolution of yoga teaching and practice...[W]e all need to look intelligently at their mechanics, purposes and ethics. Stephens’ Yoga Adjustments is a wonderfully detailed resource for our investigation.

– Richard Freeman, director, The Yoga Workshop, author, The Mirror of Yoga

Richard Rosen YA

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Whether you’re in training to be a teacher, just starting your teaching career, or a veteran of many years experience, Mark Stephens’ Yoga Adjustments will prove to be an invaluable resource. As with all his work, this book is written with intelligence, insight, and integrity.

– Richard Rosen, director of teacher training, Piedmont Yoga, author, Original Yoga

Cyndi Lee YA

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I’m very excited about Mark Stephens new book, Yoga Adjustments: Philosophy, Principles and Techniques, which offers an invaluable service to the yoga community -- teachers, aspiring teachers and yoga students. As yoga’s popularity grows, we need our yoga teachers to mature as well, and Mark has given them a superb guidebook for making smart, safe, clear asana adjustments that further our understanding and deepen our experience of yoga.  In this way, the benefits of Mark’s expertise extends beyond the yoga community by demonstrating how healthy environments can be created in which any body can practice yoga with confidence.  

– Cyndi Lee, founder, NYC’s Om Yoga, author, May I be Happy and Yoga Body, Buddha Mind

Jill Miller YS

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Mark provides a comprehensive map for the creative exploration and construction of yoga classes that cover a breath and depth of options. This meticulous matrix will certainly advance any yoga teacher's service to their students' practice.  

– Jill Miller, Creator of Yoga Tune Up®

James YS

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A contemporary yoga classic...This text should be required reading in all yoga teacher training schools and by all serious practitioners. Needless to say, Mark is driven by an intense passion to enrich the transmission between teacher and student with new clarity and a three dimensional understanding of the yoga body that is unequalled. Thank you Mark.

– James Bailey