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Guided Yoga Nidra Coming Soon!
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I'm presently working on a guided yoga nidra audio program that will posted here soon. Please stay tuned!

Meanwhile, the best yoga teacher one will ever have is alive and well inside. Much of the practice is about learning to hear and honor that inner teacher on one's unique path. It's also helpful to have an experienced and informed outer teacher to offer guidance along the way, and for all of us - students, teachers, therapists - to share and stay open to always learning something new.  These resources are offered in that spirit. Enjoy!

Yoga Videos

  • Teaching Yoga Videos
  • Yoga Sequencing Videos 
  • The 360 Series

Audio Podcasts

  • Guided Asana Practices
  • Guided Pranayama & Meditation
  • Yoga Philosophy & History
  • Teaching Methods & Techniques



  • Step-by-Step Photos for 108 Asanas
  • All Asana Families
  • Beginning to Seriously Advanced


Written Word

  • Book Excerpts & Information
  • Articles & Reflections
  • Inspiring Poetry & Prose


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