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A contemporary yoga classic…This text should be required reading in all yoga teacher training schools and by all serious practitioners. Needless to say, Mark is driven by an intense passion to enrich the transmission between teacher and student with new clarity and a three-dimensional understanding of the yoga body that is unequalled. Thank you Mark.

– James Bailey, DASc, LAc, MPH, E-RYT500, founder, Sevanti

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In this way, the benefits of Mark’s expertise extends beyond the yoga community by demonstrating how healthy environments can be created in which any body can practice yoga with confidence.  


            – Cyndi Lee, founder, NYC’s Om Yoga, author, May I be Happy and Yoga Body, Buddha Mind

Cyndi Lee

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I’m very excited about Mark Stephens new book, Yoga Adjustments: Philosophy, Principles and Techniques, which offers an invaluable service to the yoga community – teachers, aspiring teachers and yoga students. As yoga’s popularity grows, we need our yoga teachers to mature as well, and Mark has given them a superb guidebook for making smart, safe, clear asana adjustments that further our understanding and deepen our experience of yoga.

Cyndi Lee

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Mark understands the dance of the physical with the spirit in relationship with yoga. He is a scientist and a spiritual man who is guided by his passion for yoga and teaching. He is a teacher’s teacher. He gives the student the empowering feeling that they know more than they do while making sure they get what they need to from the science, the history, and the mystery of yoga. I am so excited that Mark has been guided to share his profound knowledge of this ancient tradition. He is bringing it to us in a modern, tangible, and practical way so that we as practitioners and teachers can be more efficient and qualified as we grow into this magical experience we call our yoga practice for ourselves and in service of others. 

–Mariel Hemingway, actress, yogini, author of Finding My Balance and Invisible Girl

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This is a book to keep by your bed, to practice with daily, and to use as a practice guide. I hope Mark’s steady, comforting, wisdom helps you create a sleep protocol you can live with. May it revolutionize your bedtime hours, and help you experience more and more deeply the true rest that we all need and deserve.


– Sally Kempton, Yoga Journal columnist and author, Meditation for the Love of It and Awakening Shakti


Sally Kempton – Foreword

Yoga for Better Sleep is a sleep-resources library in itself. You’ll find a full range of recommendations, from medical advice to meditation practices to asana and pranayama, to lifestyle hacks.  Mark’s instructions are clear and easy to follow-- and granular enough so that you feel fully supported in both the techniques and the subtle attitudes that help the techniques take hold.

Sally Kempton, meditation teacher, Yog Journal columnist, author of Meditation for the Love of It and Awakening Shakti

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Natural sleep dissolves deeply held states of tension, empowering us to be our creative best. Mark Stephens’ Yoga for Better Sleep offers a beacon of hope to our exhausted modern world, revealing how the simplest ancient practices of posture, breathing, and meditation can help us to sleep better and live well.


– Elena Brower, best-selling author of Practice You and teacher at Glo.com

Elena Brower

Yoga Therapy Today review of YT

"This book is a comprehensive manual that brilliantly layers the ancient wisdom of yoga with modern culture to elevate any yoga teacher's or yoga therapist's understanding of current best practices. Stephens outlines a solid foundation for what is most essential to promote health and healing for ourselves and our students or clients. This well-structured book addresses the current questions and concerns of the modern-day yoga professional. It can be used as a quick reference or read cover to cover to help yoga therapists deepen their mastery."

Yoga Therapy Today (from the International Association of Yoga Therapists)

Yoga Therapy Today (quarterly publication of the International Association of Yoga Therapists)

Diana Alstad YBS

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Finally, an in-depth yogic approach to insomnia that integrates yoga and science! Mark Stephens distills the essential insights of neuroscience, psychology, and the yoga tradition to better understand the nature of sleep and how to improve sleep using yoga rather than pharmaceutical drugs and narrow behaviorist techniques. With chapters on yoga for specific conditions – including stress, anxiety, depression, and different ages – this book offers an invaluable resource for anyone interested in better sleep and a healthier life.

– Diana Alstad, co-author (with Joel Kramer), The Passionate Mind Revisited

Richard Miller YBS

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With an in-depth presentation of the nature of sleep, Stephens orients the avid reader to what lies behind getting, or not getting, a good night's sleep, offering yoga practices – including yoga nidra – that are an exquisite means of self-enquiry and awakening. I hope this book find its way into the hands of many

– Richard Miller, author, Yoga Nidra, co-founder, International Association of Yoga Therapists